The Davies Marine Population Genomics Lab

Welcome to the Davies Lab website!

We are a research lab in the biology department at Boston University that started in September of 2017. Since then, the lab has grown to include exceptional PhD students (Nicola Kriefall, Hannah Aichelman, Dan Wuitchik, James Fifer) and postdocs (Dr. Hanny Rivera, Dr. Colleen Bove). Our lab has also been fortunate to have a great number of undergraduate researchers on our team (see Current Members to meet them!).

Our lab is largely interested in how changing climates and ongoing anthropogenic habitat modifications threaten natural ecosystems worldwide. In response to these threats, a species has four choices: i) remain in the natal habitat but suffer reduced fitness, ii) acclimate to current conditions by modifying its physiology, iii) adapt to the local environment through natural selection on standing genetic variation, or iv) disperse to new, more favorable environments. We use molecular techniques to understand how these processes of acclimation, adaptation, and dispersal govern an organism’s response to rapid climate change. Our research focuses on marine invertebrates, encompassing both tropical coral species across the globe as well as organisms local to New England, like the temperate coral Astrangia and the slipper snail. 

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