Data and Codes

30+ Year LAI and FPAR Data Sets: We are providing free access to a 30+ year long global data sets of vegetation leaf area index (LAI3g) and fraction vegetation absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (FPAR3g). These data sets were derived from the third generation GIMMS NDVI3g data set (hence the suffix “3g”). The data sets are at 1/12 degree resolution, 15-day composites (2 per month) and span the period July 1981 to December 2011. A set of neural networks were first trained on best-quality and significantly post-processed MODIS LAI and FPAR products and AVHRR GIMMS NDVI3g data for the overlapping period (2000 to 2009). The trained neural networks were then used to produce the LAI3g and FPAR3g data sets. The article describing the LAI3g/FPAR3g by Zhu et al. can downloaded from here. Please contact Ranga B. Myneni to obtain these data sets.

10+ Years of MODIS LAI and FPAR Data Sets: Dowload From the EDC DAAC