Active Projects

    1. Maintenance and Assessment of Terra and Aqua MODIS LAI and FPAR Products. Myneni, PI, Knyazikhin, Co-I (NASA).
    2. Global LAI/FPAR Products from Suomi NPP VIIRS and JPSS Sensor Series to Extend the EOS MODIS Time Series. Myneni, PI, Knyazikhin, Co-I (NASA).
    3. Theory-based Integrative Analysis Fusing Data from Active and Passive Sensors to Advance Understanding of Changing Structure and Biomass Carbon Accumulation in Global Forests, Myneni, PI (NASA).
    4. Vegetation Hot Spot Signatures from Synergy of EPIC-DSCOVR and EOS/NPP Sensors to Monitor Changes and Biophysical Processes of Global Forests, Myneni, PI, Knyazikhin, Co-I (NASA).

      Completed Projects