Active Projects

    1. Leveraging GEDI and Other Satellite Products, Ground Observations and Dynamic Process-based Modelling for Mitigation-Oriented Forest Restoration and Carbon Sequestration Planning and Evaluation. Myneni, PI, (NASA).
    2. Maintenance and Evaluation of Collection 6 Terra and Aqua MODIS LAI/FPAR Products, Myneni, PI, Knyazikhin, Co-I (NASA).
    3. Global LAI/FPAR Products from Suomi NPP VIIRS and JPSS Sensor Series to Extend the EOS MODIS Time Series. Myneni, PI, Knyazikhin, Co-I (NASA).
    4. Theory-based integrative analysis fusing data from active and passive sensors to advance understanding of changing structure and biomass carbon accumulation in global forests, Myneni, PI (NASA).

      Completed Projects