Welcome back, Folks!! Join us on February 5th at 6pm for our First Friday, Meet and Greet!! we are looking forward to meeting new students and returning students. Bring your own drink, relax, and let’s connect.


Great Lecture and Workshop by Dr Ramon Sanchez, on April 21st

By Yunwen OuMay 1st, 2017

 On April 21st Dr. Ramon Sanchez, from the Harvard Center for Health and Global Environment, discussed climate change preparedness for the built environment and a community vulnerability assessment exercise by which attendants interacted to make the lecture more dynamic and insightful. Great Success. Hope to see you in upcoming lectures and workshops.

Ramon Lecture

Lecture by Bernd Pfannenstein Great Success

By Yunwen OuMay 1st, 2017

On April 3rd, Professor Bernd Pfannenstein, from Autonomous University of Guadalajara, shared his experience about accomplishing unification among legal instruments of land use planning at a metropolitan scale. We had a great discussion. Students who worked on Boston Urban Symposium 2017 also gained insights from Bernd's lecture.

Bernd Lecture 1

Bernd lecture 2Bernd lecture 3

UPA Movie Night at CAS B18 on March 24th, 6PM

By Yunwen OuMarch 21st, 2017

As part of Cross-cultural Learning Series, UPA (Urban Plannign Association) is going to hold a Movie Night on March 24th, 6:00PM, at CAS B18 (725 Commonwealth Ave, Boston). After that, we will gather at BU Pub, enjoying Friday night, at around 7pm.

Please come and join us! RSVP here.

20170324 UPA Cross-cultural Learning Series - Movie Night - Curitiba