Competition Conference 2018 Program and Papers

Breakfast 8:30
Introduction, Dean Angela Onwuachi-Willig 9:00
1. Firm markups and industry concentration are rising; what’s the cause and is this trend a problem? [video]
·       “How EU Markets Became More Competitive Than US Markets” Germán Gutiérrez and Thomas Philippon [slides] 9:15
·       “Intangibles, Investment, and Efficiency,” Nicolas Crouzet and Janice Eberly [slides] 9:35
·       “Information Technology and Industry Concentration,” James Bessen [slides] 9:55
·       “Markups in the Digital Era,” Sara Calligaris, Chiara Criscuolo, Luca Marcolin [slides] 10:15
Commentary: Nancy Rose [slides], Hal Varian [slides] 10:35
Q&A 11:05
Break 11:15
2. Challenges to Antitrust Enforcement
·       “Serial Collusion by Multi-product Firms,” William Kovacic, Robert Marshall, Michael Meurer [slides] 11:30
·       “New Evidence, Proofs, And Legal Theories on Horizontal Shareholding,” Einer Elhauge [slides] 11:50
Commentary: Erik Hovenkamp [slides] 12:10
Q&A 12:20
Lunch 12:30
Keynote Speaker: Fiona Scott Morton [video]
Yale University, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics, Antitrust Division
Is lack of competition enforcement a cause of rising markups?”
3. Do platform/Big Data companies diminish competition and innovation? [video]
·       “Network Effects and Market Power: What Have We Learned in the Last Decade?” Catherine Tucker [slides] 13:30
·       “Threat of Platform-Owner Entry and Complementor Responses: Evidence from the Mobile App Market,” Wen Wen and Feng Zhu [slides] 13:50
·       “Data as Labor” Glen Weyl [slides] 14:10
Commentary: Marc Rysman [slides], Michael Salinger 14:30
Q&A 15:00
Break 15:10
4. Is labor market concentration a significant threat to wages?
·       “Labor Market Concentration,” José Azar, Ioana Marinescu, and Marshall I. Steinbaum [slides] 15:25
·       “Strong Employers and Weak Employees: How Does Employer Concentration Affect Wages?” Efraim Benmelech, Nittai Bergman, and Hyunseob Kim [slides] 15:45
·       “It’s not Just Monopoly and Monopsony,” Josh Bivens, Lawrence Mishel, and John Schmitt [slides] 16:05
Commentary: Ioana Marinescu [slides], Keith Hylton 16:25
Q&A 16:55
Closing 17:05