Welcome to the web home of Tertulia: The Junior Faculty Colloquium! We are an informal academic salon for junior faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Boston University (BU), which serves the dual purpose of (1) intellectual exchange within and across disciplines and (2) peer support and networking.

Tertulia: The Junior Faculty Colloquium represents the union of two former faculty groups at BU, Tertulia (which focused on the humanities) and the Junior Faculty Colloquium (which focused on the social and natural sciences). In Fall 2017, these two groups merged into the current group, Tertulia: The Junior Faculty Colloquium (or simply ‘Tertulia’ for short), whose academic programming cuts across all divisions (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics & computer science).

Sponsored by the Dean’s Office in CAS as well as the BU Center for the Humanities, we bring together junior faculty from across CAS (and occasionally other schools at BU) to share and get feedback on their research, discuss disciplinary variations on a theme, and exchange valuable tips regarding the workings of academia at BU. Tertulia gatherings aim to provide a venue for regular interdisciplinary conversations (as well as the initiation and development of cross-department collaborations) and more generally to contribute to community-building among junior faculty. In addition, we have a budget for dinner and drinks to follow our academic events.

This site lists the schedule of events for the current academic semester. All BU junior faculty are welcome at all events, although RSVPs are requested for attendance at Tertulia dinners. Details of previous events can also be viewed here. Any questions (and RSVPs) can be directed to the organizers for 2023-24: JJ Hermes (Astronomy, jjhermes@bu.edu), Kate Lindsey (Linguistics, klindsey@bu.edu), Wade Campbell (Anthropology, wadehc@bu.edu), and Jonathan Huggins (Mathematics and Statistics, huggins@bu.edu).