Announcing recent Strategic Direction Spark Award: PED-TB-CORE

We are thrilled to announce that BUSPH researchers Meredith Brooks, Helen Jenkins, and Leonardo Martinez have been awarded the pretigious Strategic Direction Spark Award to form PED-TB-CORE (PEDiatric TuBerculosis COllaborative Research Efforts).  Dr. Brittney van de Water (Assistant Professor, Connell School of Nursing, Boston College) and Dr. Refiloe Matji, MD, (AQUITY Innovations NPC, South Africa) serve as co-Investigators and other collaborators include Singilizwe Moko, PhD (Department of Health, Eastern Cape, South Africa).

PED-TB-CORE aims to develop innovative research projects to tackle pediatric TB, a globally relevant yet neglected public health issue. The Spark Award will provide essential resources to advance specific aims:

Aim 1: Comparative analysis of lung function and quality of life indicators among children with TB at different stages of treatment, offering crucial insights into the impact of TB on pediatric health outcomes.

Aim 2: Establishment of a repository of longitudinally collected blood samples from children with TB, facilitating future research into disease mechanisms, biomarkers, and therapeutic interventions.

Aim 3: Assessment of spatial mobility patterns and social interactions of children diagnosed with TB, shedding light on the social determinants and transmission dynamics of pediatric TB.

These objectives represent critical steps towards enhancing our understanding of pediatric TB and improving the lives of affected children worldwide. By leveraging the Spark Award, PED-TB-CORE aims to catalyze transformative research that will shape policies, interventions, and clinical practices in the fight against pediatric TB.

We extend our congratulations to the PED-TB-CORE team on this well-deserved recognition. This collaboration serves as a beacon of hope in the quest for a TB-free future for children everywhere. Together, let us continue to support and celebrate innovative research efforts that pave the way towards healthier, more resilient communities.