Graduate Teaching Experiences

Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science

  • GRS CH655 Statistical Mechanics
  • GRS CH656 Statistical Mechanics II
  • GRS CH658 Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
  • GRS CH752 Computational Chemistry and Biophysics

Training Future Faculty and Research Scientists

  • GRS CH801 Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing

Undergraduate Teaching Experiences

Non-Science Majors

  • CAS CC103 Core Natural Sciences II: The Evolution of Life and Intelligence
  • CAS CC106 Core Natural Sciences II: Biodiversity and the Evolution of Life

Science Majors

  • CAS CH101/102 General Chemistry I/II
  • CAS CH109 General and Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
  • CAS CH111/112 Intensive General and Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
  • CAS CH225 Mathematical Methods for Molecular Science
  • CAS CH351/352 Physical Chemistry I/II
  • CAS CH455 Advanced Computational Chemistry
  • CAS CH458 Molecular Kinetics and Dynamics

Teaching Resources

Elementary Science and Mathematics Education

  • This IS Rocket Science (8 week course)
  • Magic: The After School Gathering (8 week course)
  • Blast Off (science camp) Telluride Academy, Telluride, Colorado

Teaching Resources