Nicole Tomassi, B.S.

Graduate Program for Neuroscience

Boston University


Research Interests

Speech Motor Control; Human-Machine Interface; function of the autonomic nervous system on speech; Neural Modeling


Ph.D., Computational Neuroscience, Boston University 2019-Present

B.S., Applied Mathematics, San Diego State University 2015-2019

Honors and Awards

SigHPC Computational and Data Science Fellowship 2022-2025

ASA Raymond H. Stetson Fellowship in Phonetics and Speech Science 2023-2024

ASHA Research Mentoring-Pair Travel Award 2023


  • Tomassi, N. E., Castro M. E., Timmons Sund, L., Díaz-Cádiz, M. E., Buckley, D. P., & Stepp, C. E. (2023). Effects of sidetone amplification on vocal function during telecommunication. Journal of Voice. PMCID: PMC8586047.
  • Miller, H.E., Kearney, E., Nieto-Castañón, A., Falsini, R., Abur, D., Acosta, A., Chao, S.C., Dahl, K.L., Franken, M., Heller Murray, E.S., Mollaei, F., Niziolek, C.A., Parrell, B., Perrachione, T., Smith, D.J., Stepp, C.E., Tomassi, N.E., Guenther, F.H. (2023) Do Not Cut Off Your Tail: A Mega- Analysis of Responses to Auditory Perturbation Experiments.  Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research. PMCID: PMC10715843
  • Tomassi, N.E., Williams, A., Turshvili, D.M., Stepp, C.E. Effects of autonomic arousal and cognitive load on sensorimotor adaptation of voice. (2022) Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (pp. 982-986). Guarant International
  • Weerathunge, H. R., Tomassi, N. E., & Stepp, C. E. (2022). What can altered auditory feedback paradigms tell us about vocal motor control in individuals with voice disorders? Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.
  • Tomassi, N. E., Weerathunge, H. R., Cushman, M. R., Bohland, J. W., Stepp, C. E. (2022) Assessing ecologically valid methods of auditory feedback measurement in individuals with typical speech. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. PMCID: PMC9153919