About the Project

BU Digital Russian Poetry Project 

grew out of the Russian program’s mission to inspire learners of Russian to read poetry in the original and to share the love of reading poems with our students. We also want students to be immersed in the poetic tradition, and encounter a broad range of poetic styles, approaches, and forms. By no means, should this project be considered finished as it now stands.

This project was funded by a grant from the Geddes Language Center (CAS) and by UROP (University Research Opportunity Program) to support Russian Literature and Media Studies to Improve Knowledge and Understanding of the Russian Language in both Native and Non-native Speakers Through Poetry and Literature. Faculty Mentor: Svitlana Malykhina (CAS WLL, Russian Literature).

Created and edited by Svitlana Malykhina

Graphica and Illustrations by Anthony Malykhin

Website by Nadiya Prokopyeva