BU Robotics Lab: 12 papers accepted at 2023 American Control Conference (ACC 2023)

There are 12 papers from BU Robotics Lab accepted at the 2023 American Control Conference (ACC 2023)! Congratulations!

1. REACTMIN: Reactive Scanning Based Single Particle Tracking Using a Minimum of Light
Vickers, Nicholas A. (Boston University)
Subedi, Sandip (Boston University)
Andersson, Sean B. (Boston University)

2. Constraint-Driven Optimal Control for Emergent Swarming and Predator Avoidance
Beaver, Logan E. (Boston University)
Malikopoulos, Andreas A. (Boston University)

3. Time Optimal Data Harvesting in Two Dimensions through Reinforcement Learning without Engineered Reward Functions
Wu, Shili (Texas A&M University)
Zhu, Yancheng (Boston University)
Datta, Aniruddha (Texas A&M University)
Andersson, Sean B. (Boston University)

4. Learning Signal Temporal Logic through Neural Network for Interpretable Classification
Li, Danyang (Boston University)
Cai, Mingyu (Lehigh University)
Vasile, Cristian Ioan (Lehigh University)
Tron, Roberto (Boston University)

5. Optimal Persistent Monitoring of Mobile Targets in One Dimension
Hall, Jonas Friedbert (University of Freiburg)
Andersson, Sean B. (Boston University)
Cassandras, Christos G. (Boston University)

6. Safety Guaranteed Optimal Control Policy for Multi-Agent Data Harvesting Using a CLF-CBF Approach
Zhu, Yancheng (Boston University)
Andersson, Sean B. (Boston University)

7. Robust Filtering Based on Complex Cell Networks from the Visual Cortex
Kermanshah, Mehdi (Boston University)
Nguyen, Nguyen (Boston University)
Belta, Calin (Boston University)
Tron, Roberto (Boston University)

8. On the Complexity of Linear Systems: An Approach Via Rate Distortion Theory and Emulating Systems
Wendel, Eric (Boston University)
Baillieul, John (Boston University)
Hollmann, Joseph (Boston University)

9. Safe Merging Control in Mixed Vehicular Traffic
Hamdipoor, Vahid (Qatar University)
Meskin, Nader (Qatar University)
Cassandras, Christos G. (Boston University)

10. Modular Adaptive Safety-Critical Control
Cohen, Max (Boston University)
Belta, Calin (Boston University)

11. Iterative Convex Optimization for Model Predictive Control with Discrete-Time High-Order Control Barrier Functions
Liu, Shuo (Boston University)
Zeng, Jun (University of California, Berkeley)
Sreenath, Koushil (University of California, Berkeley)
Belta, Calin (Boston University)

12. Robust Multi-Agent Coordination from CaTL+ Specifications
Liu, Wenliang (Boston University)
Leahy, Kevin (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Serlin, Zachary (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Belta, Calin (Boston University)

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