Graduate Students and Post Docs
Undergraduate Researchers (UROP)

  • Arman Karimian, Ph.D., Systems Engineering, Thesis: “Resilient Visual Perception for Multiagent Systems” (now Robotics Scientist at iRobot)
  • Bee Vang, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Thesis: “Attitude control on manifolds via optimization and contractions with automatic gain tuning” (now Robotics Engineer at GreenSight)
  • Samuel Pinto, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Thesis: “Persistent Monitoring of Targets with Uncertain States”
  • Wei Xiao, Ph.D., Systems Engineering, Thesis: “Optimal Control and Learning for Safety-critical Autonmous System”
  • Shirantka Welikala, Ph.D., Systems Engineering
  • Arian Houshmand, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Feiyang Kang, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Nasser Hashemi, Ph.D., Systems Engineering
  • Ramón Sánchez Cruz, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Fatemeh Sharifi, MS, Mechanical Engineering
  • Yanyu Zhang, MS, Mechanical Engineering