Medical Devices

We aim at developing the next generation of medical devices and robots capable of providing advanced adaptation capabilities to unstructured and complex environments.

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We are particularly interested in how robotics could change the way therapy is delivered, enabling for less invasive and more effective approaches to become viable. Our research focuses on designing instrumentation for minimally invasive surgery, we are interested in developing medical devices able to safely navigate the human anatomy and successfully perform surgical procedures in a minimally invasive way.

Current research projects mostly focus on the use of soft robotics for minimally invasive surgery across different scales, from centimeter-scale soft manipulators down to millimeter-scale soft microactuators.

We are also exploring deployable soft robots that can be used in conjunction with conventional medical instrumentation, such as endoscopes, to augment their therapeutic capabilities.

  • Soft Biomedical Robots

We are particularly interested in the potential of soft robotic technologies for designing medical tools able to safely interact and manipulate body structures.

Relevant Publications

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  • In-vivo/deployable devices

We are working on ways to manufacture soft devices that can be integrated into conventional medical instruments and be deployed at the surgical site to perform simple procedures.

Relevant publications

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Past Projects

G. Tortora, T. Ranzani, I. De Falco, P. Dario, A. Menciassi. “A Miniature Robot for Retraction Tasks under Vision Assistance in Minimally Invasive Surgery’‘, Robotics. 3(1): 70-82, 2014. Video.

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