Postdoctoral researchers

The Morphable BioRobotics Lab is not currently seeking postdoctoral researchers. However, exceptional candidates seeking external fellowships are welcome to contact Prof. Ranzani to discuss opportunities. Example postdoctoral fellowships include the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships in Biology, the Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program, the James S. McDonnell Fellowship in Complex Systems, and the NIH funding opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows.

Graduate students

Prospective graduate students should apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. Please specify interest in working with Professor Tommaso Ranzani in your application. Candidates having secured external funding for their Ph.D. in the US are encouraged to apply. Examples of fellowships are the NSF GFRP and the NDSEG programs.   

Undergraduate students

We welcome undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience in the areas of Soft Robotics, Medical Robotics, Mechanical Design, Microfabrication, Fluid Mechanics, Sensing and Actuation, and Advanced Manufacturing. Please note that there is typically a significant amount of training required prior to participating in one of our research programs, thus a long-term commitment is encouraged. Students interested in research projects are welcome to contact Prof. Ranzani. 

Students should email Professor Ranzani explaining their interest in working in the lab and include their resume. If a research project opportunity opens up, for which you may be a good fit, you will be contacted.

There are many resources and programs to support and fund undergraduate research please see this link for an overview of possible opportunities. The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program at Boston University is an excellent resource for students. Students interested in working over the summer are encouraged to look into Summer Research Fellowships.