Manuel Angel Ramirez

Manuel Angel Ramirez –

Manuel (Manny) Angel Ramirez is a doctoral student in educational studies with a specialization in special education at BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. A first-generation Latino graduate student, Manuel’s research interests focus on equity in Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and families’ linguistic and cultural comprehension of special education laws. Current research interests include the investigation of multilingual and multicultural communities who are Spanish dominant labeled individuals with Interrupted Formal Education or Limited Interrupted Formal Education and have experienced educational gaps in learning that have impacted appropriate access to education in the United States, eventually hindering quality access and thoughtful participation in the IFSP/IEP process. Manny’s research also explores the role of familial presence (involvement, participation, and engagement) and how language to special education law and bilingual education policy creates barriers to access in academic programming of bilingual (Spanish and English) students with disabilities and families’ understanding of their legal rights under IDEA and BEA, also known as the English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act.