BU Faculty

Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

BU Wheelock faculty hold expertise in interdisciplinary systems serving students with disabilities, including educational systems, policy systems, mental health systems, and family systems. TEAMS scholars will develop expertise in these systems, and in systemic factors shaping the experiences and outcomes of students with disabilities and their families.

Jennifer Green

Dr. Jennifer Greif Green researches school-based mental health service provision, especially for students with emotional/behavioral disorders, racial/ethnic disparities in mental health service access, and bullying prevention.


Elizabeth Bettini

Dr. Elizabeth Bettini researches factors that contribute to inequities in students’ access to skilled special educators. She has expertise in special educators’ working conditions and attrition, particularly among beginning teachers and those serving students with emotional/behavioral disorders.


Nate Jones

Dr. Nathan D. Jones researches teacher development and teacher quality, with a specific focus on developing and validating tools to assess the effectiveness of special education teaching. He is also currently exploring innovative approaches to teacher preparation, including how to better prepare general educators to work with students with disabilities.


Zach Rossetti

Dr. Zachary Rossetti studies experiences of families with children with disabilities, focusing on family engagement in education and sibling roles and relationships. His research also examines social interactions and friendships between students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, including how educators facilitate social interactions and friendship opportunities.


David Chard

Dr. David Chard is a Full Professor and Dean of the BU College of Education. Dr. Chard’s research focuses on studying instructional practices to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. He has served on more than 300 doctoral dissertation committees.


Hardin Coleman

Dr. Hardin L.K. Coleman is a Full Professor of Counseling Psychology and Dean Emeritus (Dr. Coleman served as Dean of the School of Education at BU from 2008-2017). Dr. Coleman’s research is focused on multicultural school counseling and school-community partnership.


Stephanie Curenton

Dr. Stephanie Curenton is an Associate Professor and Director of the Center on the Ecology of Early Childhood (CEED), which aims to use research to “bolster families and community members’ capacity to care for and advocate for the rights of Black children.” Dr. Curenton studies the social, cognitive, and language development of low-income and minority children within various ecological contexts.


Kimberly Howard

Dr. Kimberly Howard is an Associate Professor and the Director of Training in the Counseling Psychology PhD program. Dr. Howard’s scholarship focuses on the career development process of children and youth, particularly as it is shaped by social class, gender, and race/ethnicity.


V. Scott Solberg

Dr. V. Scott Solberg is a Full Professor in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Solberg works nationally and internationally on the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective career development programs and services, especially for high-need youth populations, including youth with disabilities.


Allison Andreola – Project Manager

Allison Andreola supports several research projects within Wheelock College, including Project TEAMS and Project LINC. Allison has experience working for various youth development nonprofits in the Boston area and is currently pursuing her EdM in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies: Higher Education Administration at BU Wheelock.