Defining Complex Systems Research

Here is what our scholars said about what complex systems research is:

“Complex systems researchers anticipate and value the ambiguities within and across components of an inherently complicated world.” (LINC Scholars Margaret Carroll, Lindsey Kaler & Sarah Rosati)

“We are interested in complex research because in our experience as teachers, we felt that our efforts to implement evidence-based practices were often thwarted by factors that felt outside of our immediate control. Family systems, district and school policies, funding challenges, and even the limited scope of our teacher preparation programs and professional development opportunities all powerfully impacted our practice and our students’ success.” (LINC Scholars Margaret Carroll, Lindsey Kaler & Sarah Rosati)

“While the school has its own set of norms, practices, and power dynamics, so does each individual, as well as each unique system within a school’s ecological map.” (LINC Scholars Katie Meyer & Shannon Langdon)