UConn Faculty

UConn Neag School of Education

UConn Neag School faculty hold expertise in implementation of interventions and intervention systems for students with disabilities and their teachers, including literacy, social-behavioral, and transition interventions. Scholars who apply to LINC at UConn’s Neag School will develop expertise in educational interventions and research on effective interventions to improve the experiences and outcomes of students with disabilities.


Dr. Devin Kearns researches reading disability—including dyslexia— and reading interventions for elementary- and middle school-age children.


Dr. Michael Coyne has expertise in beginning reading and early vocabulary intervention, school-based experimental research, multi-tiered systems of support, and effective practices for students with learning disabilities.


Dr. Allison Lombardi studies transition from adolescence to adulthood, with a particular focus on college and career readiness and higher education experiences of underrepresented groups, including students with disabilities.


Dr. Jennifer Freeman studies the effects of multi-tiered systems of support such as Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) on outcomes at the high school level for high-risk student groups including students with disabilities. She is particularly interested in improving graduation rates across and within student groups. She also studies professional development methods for improving teacher’s use of evidence based classroom management strategies.


Dr. Brandi Simonsen conducts research, publishes, teaches, and provides training/technical assistance in the areas of school- and class-wide PBIS, positive and proactive professional development supports for teachers, and applications of PBIS in alternative education settings.


Sumita Saluja – Project Manager