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  • BU Sociology / Culture,l Markets, and Inequality with Ashley Mears
  • BU Sociology / Understanding Meritocracy with Jonathan Mijs
  • BU Sociology / Sociology of Law with Heather Schoenfeld
  • BU Sociology / Ethnic, Race, and Minority Relations with Saida Grundy
  • BU Sociology / Seminar on International Migration with Heba Gowayed
  • BU Questrom / Design of Field Methods with Siobhan O’Mahony
  • BU Questrom / The Craft of Theorizing Research with Michel Anteby
  • BU Questrom / Macro Organizational Theory with Michel Anteby
  • BU Sociology / Qualitative Methods with Japonica Brown-Saracino
  • BU Sociology / Economic Sociology Seminar with Alya Guseva
  • BU Sociology / Graduate Seminar in Academic Writing with Alya Guseva