Spring 2024

  • January 25, Dilan Eren, Carving Out Pathways in the Open-Access Tech Skills Field
  • February 15, Guest Speaker Lorenza Antonucci
  • March 21, Valerio Iannucci, ‘Inverse’ Founding and Alternative Paths of Entrepreneurial Organizing
  • April 11, David Joseph-Goteiner, Dimensions of Dependence: Platform Work as a Financial Mechanism

Fall 2023

  • October 16, Ashley Mears & Taylor Beauvais, The Addiction of a Viral High: How Platforms Shape Labor Commitment in the Attention Economy , and Implications
  • October 30, Sara Snitstelear, TBD
  • November 20, Micah Rajunov, Between Dream Jobs and Real Jobs: Career Strategies for Pursuing Passionate Work.
  • December 4, Elif Birced, Becoming a Personal Brand or Sponsorship Oriented Content Creator: How Do Platform and Income Pathways Shape Control, Autonomy and Resistance in the Creator Economy?

Spring 2023

  • January 31, Valerio Iannucci and Michel Anteby, The Rise of Neo-Experts: Sources, Characteristics, and Implications
  • February 14, Spring Speaker Series, Guest: Lindsey Cameron
  • March 14, Ya-Ching Huang, Death and Dying in Children: The Economization of Pediatric Palliative Care; Thao Nguyen, TBD
  • March 21, Ashley Mears, Thao Nguyen, and Elif Birced, Playing Cat-and-Mouse with a Platform: Attention Games under Algorithmic Management
  • March 28, Spring Speaker Series, Guest: Vili Lehdonvirta
  • April 11, David Joseph-Goteiner, Earmarked as Extra: How Platform Money Becomes “Beer Money”
  • April 25, Qi Song, Restructuring Social Relations: How Digital Platforms Transform the Freight Transportation Market in China

Fall 2022

  • September 6, Anna Gibson, Adversarial Moderation in Facebook Groups
  • September 20, Fall Speaker Series, Guest: Barbara Kiviat
  • October 4, Elif Birced, Rethinking Autonomy in the Age of Platforms 
  • October 25, Pulum Eunice Kim, Falling from grace: context-specific stigma among Korean test prep instructors
  • November 15, Dilan Eren, TBA
  • December 13, Fall Speaker Series, Guest: Lauren Rivera

Spring 2022

  • May 9, Elif Birced, From Securing a Career to Securing Attention: The YouTubers’ Strategies of Accumulating and Converting Attention Capital in Turkey 
  • May 2, Diana Enriquez, TBA
  • April 25, Thao Nguyen, Playing in the Grey: Stratified Markets under Platform Governance and Compliance in the Age of Censorship
  • April 20, Bahar Aldanmaz, TBD
  • March 28, Ya-Ching Huang, TBA
  • March 14, Micah Rajunov, TBD
  • March 7, ESS Practice Session (Presenters: Micah, Dilan, Thao, Ya-Ching)
  • February 14, Yun Ha Cho, Memo: Metrics of Comments? – How YouTube Content Creators Respond to the Metric-Based Control of Platforms Over Different Stages of Their Career
  • February 7, Michel Anteby, Book Proposal: “The Interloper”

Fall 2021

  • Dec 13, 2021- Diana Enriquez, Freelancers are both a small business and an employee… how do they price their time?
  • Dec 6, 2021- Elif Birced, Between the Demands of Followers and Brands in the Attention Economy: A Study of YouTubers and the Market of Content Creation in Turkey
  • Nov 29, 2021- Ashley Mears, Magicians and the Problem of Secrecy in the Information Age: Theorizing Fields in Digitial Culture
  • Nov 22, 2021 -Léonie Hénaut and Jennifer C. Lena, Polyoccupationalism: Occupational Identities in a Postindustrial Era 
  • Nov 15, 2021- Thao Nguyen, Elif Birced, and Ashley Mears, Attention Capital: Algorithmic Imaginaries and the Uneven Pursuit of Profit Online
  • Nov 8, 2021- Micah Rajunov, WIP
  • Nov 1, 2021- Allison Wigen, Negotiating Unequal Exchange: Relational Work in Cross-Class Sibling Relationships
  • Oct 4, 2021- General Meeting, Qualitative Data Analysis Practices
  • Sept 13, 2021 – Audrey Holm, Poster Presentation

Spring 2021

  • June 29, 2021 –  Ashley Mears, “Going Viral: Creative Labor in the Field of Digital Cultural Production”
  • June 15, 2021 – Dilan Eren, “Gift-Production of Inequality”
  • May 5, 2021 – Ya-Ching Huang, “The Moral Economy of Homemade Masks in Times of COVID-19”
  • March 17, 2021 –  Elif Birced, “Please Don’t Forget to Like and Subscribe: The Content Creators on YouTube and the Market of Content Creation in the US and Turkey”
  • March 10, 2021 –  Micah Rajunov, “Pay to Play: Careers of Professional Video Gamers”