I conduct research in Data Science broadly interpreted. I aim to advance both statistical and computational tools for learning and inference problems using both model-based and data-driven methods. My research work spans the areas of Network Information Theory, Information-Theoretic Security, Statistical Signal Processing & Machine Learning, and Visual Information Processing & Analysis. Below are some representative publications in each area that capture the flavor and style of my research work which ranges from theoretical foundations through algorithm development/ analysis, and applications.

I develop solutions for both specific problems based on specific types of data as well as general statistical models and algorithms with efficiency guarantees that can be broadly used in many problems with different types of data.

Examples of the former include computer algorithms for automatically recognizing human gestures and actions as well as algorithms for authenticating human identity from signature-gestures, both based on visual data, e.g., video from cameras and depth video from a Kinect camera. A more detailed description of my research in Visual Information Processing & Analysis can be found here: VIP Laboratory.

An example of the latter is a new statistical model and algorithm that my research group developed for discovering hidden causes with mathematically provable performance guarantees, e.g., guarantees on computational, statistical, and communication efficiency. We have used this algorithm, with considerable success, on a publicly available dataset of NY Times articles to automatically discover shared hidden topics among the articles, and on the MovieLens dataset to learn and predict the movie preference behavior (movie ratings and relative rankings) of users. We have also successfully used a topic-discovery algorithm to automatically discover salient discussion topics in a corpus of 77 million tweets collected during the 2012 US presidential election.

A complete list of all my publications can be found under the Publications tab of this website.

Network Information Theory:

Information-Theoretic Security:

Statistical Signal Processing & Machine Learning:

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