Student Experience

Hear from our students about the program

“The course was an opportunity for practical application of theoretical knowledge and a way to use that to help people in a new and innovative way” -Sari, AUB ‘20



“I have learned not only the tools and techniques it takes to properly  come to solutions in  almost any humanitarian issue, but now also know how important it is to act on these issues.” -Sheila, BU’ 20



Aline ~ AUB ’20

As an electrical engineering student I joined the workshop with the expectations that we were going to merely help the refugees in the structure of their tents, electric cables, water irrigation… However, I was greatly relieved that the workshop exceeded all my expectations. The class consisted of students with very... More

Mary ~ BU ’20

My three week trip to Beirut, Lebanon was for a humanitarian engineering course aimed at creating solutions for Syrian refugees living in temporary settlements in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. The course is being instructed at the American University in Beirut, an absolutely beautiful institution sitting right on the Mediterranean Sea, sprawling... More

Ashray ~ BU ’19

I had a wonderful experience taking part in the humanitarian engineering course at the American University of Beirut. We first had the opportunity to hear from a diverse group of experts on the refugee crisis in Lebanon as well as develop a sense for the kinds of tools and resources... More

Wael ~ AUB ’18

The conditions one witnesses in the field might be overwhelming. Indeed, they are disastrous for any group of human beings, let alone those made more vulnerable by their forced exile, their seeking of a refuge. The frameworks presented during the workshop were instrumental in allowing us to break down the problem... More

Devika ~ BU ’17

Having the opportunity to be a part of AUB’s School of Humanitarian Engineering was an incredibly enriching experience both personally and professionally. We were welcomed to Beirut by faculty and students at AUB that were more than happy to show us their beautiful country – from exploring the ancient city... More

Hiva ~ BU ’18

"Being part of a program dedicated to come up with ideas and designs that might better the living conditions of Syrian refugees living in the Beqaa Valley sounded interesting. Stepping out of my comfort zone to see what it's really like to be in their shoes and to learn more... More

Anna ~ BU ’18

We participated in a course at the American University of Beirut called Humanitarian Engineering: Designing Solutions for Health Challenges in Crises. This class represented an important overlap between engineering and public health.  It gave us the opportunity to go on field visits to refugee camps, develop needs assessments, and use... More