People that Inspire us


(In random order)


Leonardo da Vinci


Bertrand Russell


Ben Franklin


Dr. Jack Geiger


Jane Goodall


Shimon Peres


Charles Dickens


Ray Charles


Aretha Franklin


Susan Lindquist


Noam Chomsky

Ayn Rand


Yes, it is possible to be inspired by the thought and imaginative writing by both the father of modern social left ideas and modern economic right (capitalism) without fully agreeing with either :) :)

The famous joke captures this below:

“Jewish joke about the rabbi who is asked to settle a dispute. After listening to one side’s argument, the rabbi declares, “You’re right!” After listening the other side’s argument, the rabbi nods and says, “You’re right, too.” His wife, who is listening, declares, exasperated, “Rabbi, this is absurd! They can’t both be right!” The rabbi sighs and replies sadly, “You’re also right!”  This version is from from the WEB…


Tonny Morrison


David Brooks (and the Second Mountain in particular)


Michael Tilson Thomas and the New World Symphony


Mel Bonis


Megan Rapinoe


Ted Shortliffe 


Martin Luther King


Henry Dunant


Media Lab (MIT)