Chantel James (She/Her/Hers)

Assistant Director, Office of Financial Assistance

  • Gender Identity: cis-woman
  • Sexual Orientation: bisexual
  • First generation college student
  • Race, Ethnicity, and/or Nationality: Black
  • Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

I’m the chair of the LGBTQIA+ Faculty/Staff Network, I’ve been the chair for over a year now. I also have worked at BU for 6 years. I went to school for chemistry and I’m first-gen alumn!
I chose to apply as chair to create a better support system for LGBTQ+ folxs at BU because I felt like being black and queer there was nothing at BU or Boston to build a community. 

Contact Chantel for academic support, career support, student life, coming out, mentoring, and general networking.