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Welcome to the BU Out List!

A collaboration between the BU LGBTQIA+ Faculty & Staff Community Network and Q; the Queer Activist Collective

Objective: To promote visibility, connectedness, and sharing of resources among LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, students, and the larger Boston University community. 

Background: In their Report from May 2019, the BU LGBTQIA+ Task Force identified the following barrier to visibility: 

“LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff are present throughout BU, but mechanisms through which community members can connect are in short supply outside of a small set of actively inclusive units. As a result, the vibrant spectrum of the University’s LGBTQIA+ community remains largely hidden, both within BU and to prospective faculty and staff. BU faculty and staff repeatedly commented that this invisibility was pervasive and interpreted as indicating an unwelcoming environment.”

In 2020, under the purview of the Boston University Diversity & Inclusion (BU D&I), the LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff Community Network (FSCN) was formed. Eager to collaborate, members of Q, BU’s Queer Activist Collective reached out to the newly formed network about creating a university-wide platform for students to connect with and learn more about queer faculty and staff.

Within the LGBTQIA+ FSCN, a committee of BU faculty, staff, and undergraduate students from Q convened to address the lack of visibility in the LGBTQIA+ community at BU and to create the BU Out List. 

A university-wide Out List connects and makes visible the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community that resides at BU. Inspired by the success of the current Boston University Medical Campus Out and Ally List, this list is a community-building tool accessible to all LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and students and the larger university community. 

  • LGBTQIA+ identified faculty and staff are invited to join the BU Out List to share their expertise, support, and guidance. The BU Out List is Kerberos protected and only visible to BU affiliates.
  • Students are encouraged to use the list to find LGBTQIA+ mentors and connect with the wealth of resources our faculty & staff provide.
  • Please understand this platform is intended for connecting and making visible LGBTQIA+ identified faculty and staff. If you consider yourself an ally of our community, thank you! We invite you to use our site as a tool for increasing meaningful inclusion of our community members. We also encourage you to connect with the Allies and Advocates Faculty & Staff Community Network

If you experience any issues while using the BU Out List or connecting with an individual through the site, please use the contact form to notify us.


The BU Out List is available on a BU-wide website. Profiles on the site will only be visible to members of the BU community who must use their Kerberos username and password to login. Please only provide information that you are comfortable sharing online. By joining the BU Out List, you agree to publish your identifying information so relevant individuals within BU may contact you. Any information disclosed is done so willingly and voluntarily, and will not be used for any purpose beyond being displayed on this site. Your profile can be deleted at any time by selecting ‘Remove my profile’.