Q – Queer Activist Collective

The Queer Activist Collective (“Q”) is Boston University’s largest LGBTQ+ student organization dedicated to ensuring the awareness, visibility, and full inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. Q is committed to creating programming that is uplifting and affirming for all LGBTQ+ community members, and they are especially passionate about supporting and advocating for communities that are often excluded from mainstream LGBTQ+ spaces.

Q holds weekly meetings on Fridays in the Howard Thurman Center, and they also work on initiatives as needed to ensure the needs of LGBTQ+ students are being met.

For questions, more info on how to get involved, or help connecting with resources, please email Q at queer@bu.edu!

Website: https://sites.bu.edu/outlist/resources/queer-activist-collective/
Instagram: @bostonuq

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