Ph.D. Opportunities


There are open research assistant positions to perform Ph.D. thesis work on all of our projects. 

Choosing to join our group will give you the opportunity to…

  • Perform your thesis research in an interdisciplinary area, combining physics, chemistry, and materials science;
  • have your thesis research be of both fundamental and technological significance;
  • explore the physics and chemistry of a wide variety of fascinating materials;
  • learn ultra-high vacuum technology, thin film growth, electronics, and state-of-the-art x-ray spectroscopies
  • live in Boston but travel (all expenses paid) to various synchrotron radiation facilities around the country and around the world to perform your experiments.

If you are not already a student here at BU then the first step in joining the group is, of course, applying for admission to the Physics, Chemistry, or Materials Science Ph.D. programs.  You will need to get hold of all the application materials.  To do this, simply click on the Department links below.