Contact Information

E-Mail addresses for current and former members of the Novel Materials Laboratory are provided on the “Group Members” page.

The department mailing address is

Department of Physics,
Boston University,
590 Commonwealth Avenue,
Boston, MA 02215.

  • Our lab phone number is (617) 353-5980.  Our lab is located in Room 427 in the Physics Research Building, 3 Cummington St.  Click here for a map.
  • You can reach Professor Smith directly at (617) 353-6117.  His office is Room 357 in the Metcalf Science Center, 590 Comm. Ave.  Click here for a map.
  • Our fax number is (617) 353-9393.
  • The physics department phone number is (617) 353-2600.
  • Directions to the Boston University Charles River Campus can be found here.