Colleagues and friends, many scientific meetings have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 interrupting exchange of unpublished results. Therefore, we decided to share our abstracts here. Below, you find unpublished work from our Neurovascular Imaging Lab as well as Bio Optical and Acoustic Spectroscopy Lab of Dr. David Boas. Please, contact us to discuss these studies or post your comment at the bottom of this page.

Meet the first author

Dr. Francesca Puppo
All-optical electrophysiology in iPSC-derived neurons with synthetic NIR voltage reporter

Francesca Puppo, Sanaz Sadegh, Cleber Trujillo, Martin Thunemann, Evan Campbell, Matthieu Vandenberghe, Evan Miller, Brenda Bloodgood, Srdjan Djurovic, Ole Andreassen, Alysson R. Muotri, Anna Devor.

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Meet the first author

Dr. Xiaojun Cheng
Imaging depth limit analysis in multiphoton microscopy using the beam propagation method

Xiaojun Cheng, Sanaz Sadegh, Sharvari Zilpelwar, Anna Devor, Lei Tian, David A. Boas.

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Meet first co-author

Dr. Natalie Fomin-Thunemann
Meet first co-author

Dr. Philipp Mähler
Estimation of cortical oxygen metabolism in awake mice using two-photon imaging of Oxyphor 2P

Natalie Fomin-Thunemann, Philipp Mächler, Marte Julie Sætra, Martin Thunemann‎, Michèle Desjardins, Payam Saisan‎, Ikbal Sencan, Baoqiang Li, Sergei A. Vinogradov, Sava Sakadžić, Anders M. Dale, Gaute T. Einevoll, Anna Devor.

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Meet the first author

Dr. Martin Thunemann
A flexible head fixation system for optical imaging and electrophysiology in awake mice

Martin Thunemann, Phillip Maechler, Natalie-Fomin-Thunemann, Lorraine Hossain, Sang-Heon Lee, Yichen Li, Duygu Kuzum, Shadi Dayeh, Anna Devor.

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Meet the first author

Lorraine Hossain PhD candidate
Chronic 2-photon calcium imaging through transparent PEDOT:PSS microelectrode arrays in awake mice

Lorraine Hossain, Martin Thunemann, Anna Devor, Shadi A. Dayeh.

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Meet the first author

Dr. Sanaz Sadegh
Overcoming the fundamental limit of two-photon microscopy with non-degenerate excitation

Sanaz Sadegh, Mu-Han Yang, Xiaojun Cheng, Martin Thunemann, Payam A. Saisan, David A. Boas, Yeshaiahu Fainman, Anna Devor.

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Meet the first author

Smrithi Sunil PhD candidate
The evolution of hemodynamics during stroke recovery: from early hours to subsequent weeks

Smrithi Sunil, Sefik Evren Erdener, Blaire S. Lee, Jianbo Tang, Sreekanth Kura, Dmitry Postnov, Xiaojun Cheng, Kıvılcım Kılıç, and David A. Boas.

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Meet the first author

Dr. Alexander von Lühmann
Towards neuroscience in the everyday world: progress in wearable fNIRS instrumentation and applications

Alexander von Lühmann, Bernhard B. Zimmermann, Antonio Ortega-Martinez, Nathan Perkins, Meryem A. Yücel, David A. Boas.

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Meet the first author

Jiarui Yang PhD candidate
Parametrizing confocal parameters for characterizing the optical properties of human brain tissue using high numerical aperture optical coherence tomography

Jiarui Yang, Ichun Anderson Chen, Shuaibin Chang, Jianbo Tang, Blaire Lee, Kıvılcım Kılıç, Hui Wang, Caroline Magnain, Shih-chi Chen, Bruce Fischl, David A. Boas.

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Meet the first author

Jack Giblin PhD Candidate
Long-term monitoring of capillary flow to measure hypoxic effects of capillary flow disruptions

John Giblin, Kıvılcım Kiliҫ, John Jiang, Anderson Chen, Baoqiang Li, Sava Sakadžić, Anna Devor, David
A. Boas.

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