3/7 Groups Recover Together: Providing Opioid Use Disorder Treatment for Justice Involved Individuals


One of the largest Opioid Health Home providers in Maine, Groups Recover Together (Groups) provides comprehensive community-based treatment for individuals suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD). Since 2019, the Maine Department of Corrections has partnered with Groups to provide connections to treatment for individuals releasing from custody. Between July 2019 and August 2023, Groups helped connect over 1,000 incarcerated individuals to community-based medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) treatment. This partnership has yielded positive results in the form of decreased fatal overdose rates among this population.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify characteristics of evidence-based outpatient treatment for individuals with opioid use disorder.
  • Identify benefits associated with using a harm reduction approach to opioid use disorder treatment.
  • Discuss the benefits of comprehensive discharge planning for individuals with an opioid use disorder releasing to the community following incarceration.