NEPHTC Courses Featured in New eLearning & Instructional Design Series on TRAIN!

We are excited to share this new eLearning and Instructional Design blended learning series developed by the Public Health Foundation (PHF) in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The series is available on the TRAIN Learning Network and includes four NEPHTC Courses: How to Teach Adults: Strategies for Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences, Deepening Your Impact for Self-Paced Trainings, Part 1: Scoping Down Trainings to be More Action-Oriented, Deepening Your Impact, Part 2: Considerations When Choosing Voices and How to Use Relatable Language, and Deepening Your Impact, Part 3: Recording Quality Audio in Our Public Health Environment. The series aims to support the development of skills for training professionals with limited experience designing or developing eLearning products.