Congratulations to our Marketing Intern, Neha Hanumanthiah, MPH!

We want to congratulate our outgoing Marketing Intern, Neha Hanumanthiah, who graduated with a Masters in Public Health in Health Communication and Promotion! We are so happy to share that she has accepted a job at the American Heart Association! Her new role is Program Administrator of Scientific Sessions, where she will be overseeing abstracts, the research process, and anything else that goes through the AHA research grant pipeline and prepare those materials to be presented at national conventions.

Neha was instrumental in developing the marketing strategy for our Student Stipend Program. Specifically, her initiative to use social media to market to diverse students proved to be extremely successful. Neha had the brilliant idea to target specific student groups on Instagram (for example, the Students of Color groups in public health programs across New England) and message them asking to repost our Health Equity Stipend Program opportunity and share it with their audience. Since Instagram is very popular among students, this proved to be a successful way to reach diverse students who are interested in public health and health equity. We are so grateful to Neha for her sharp insight and her marketing expertise!

We thank Neha for her valuable perspective and her contributions to NEPHTC! We will miss her, and we wish her all the best in the future.