Publication: Pilot Testing the Public Health Learning Agenda Toolkit

We are happy to share this blog post, “Pilot Testing the Public Health Learning Agenda Toolkit,” about the Public Health Learning Agenda for Systems Change Pilot Results.  Karla Todd Barrett, NEPHTC’s Senior Program Manager and Training Specialist, was one of the co-authors.

This blog post highlights an article published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, titled “Public Health Learning Agenda for Systems Change Toolkit: National Pilot Evaluation Results.The Toolkit includes a conceptual framework outlining iterative steps to achieve a Learning Agenda.  The article describes how 24 diverse teams piloted the Learning Agenda Toolkit to assess usability and impact, and provide feedback for future versions of the Toolkit. 

An excerpt from the blog post relates the benefits of the pilot:

Pilot Evaluation findings suggest the majority of pilot testers found the Learning Agenda Toolkit provided an intentional process that fostered discussions on root causes and used a step-by-step process that produced a concrete product for learning. Further, the Learning Agenda Toolkit fostered team togetherness and provided a unique systems change focus.

Importantly, the article and blog post emphasize that while most of public health training is focused on individual competency, the field needs to also include efforts to learn collectively to get to more impactful change. 

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