“What are the PHTCs and Why are We Good Partners?” and More Publications!

NEPTHC is pleased to share that we are part of a constant collaboration with nine other Public Health Training Centers (PHTCs) in the nine HHS regions. We are far more than a small program working with partners in New England! The thinking of our funders and the needs of the workforce have changed to require us to work as a network. As such, though we operate out of separate university-based Schools of Public Health, we have national activity, training, and technical assistance to share.

Catch up on these recent publications from the Public Health Training Center Network (PHTCN)!

What are Public Health Training Centers (PHTCs) and why are we good partners?

How do PHTCs partner with Community Health Workers?

What is collective efficacy, and how can it support the public health workforce?

Read about how a region used systems mapping to help strengthen the public health workforce!

How do you use Systems Change in Policy?

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the public health workforce?

How do the PHTCs develop engaging online learning content?

How do the PHTCs support public health leadership development?

Publications resulting from Collaborative Projects: