Resource: Challenges and Opportunities for Strengthening the Public Health Workforce

NEPHTC is a member of the Public Health Learning Network, a consoritium of regional Public Helath training Centers and the country’s most comprehensive resource for public health workforce development. As such we are pleased to share resources from our network, including the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training (NCCPHT).  With support from the Kresge Foundation,  NNPHI, the NCCPHT and a technical expert panel, released the attached report in June, 2021.  Upon release, NNPHI stated: “The US public health system’s infrastructure serves as the foundation for planning, delivering, evaluating, and improving public health. Public health services depend on basic infrastructure such as up-to-date information systems, health professionals who are competent in crosscutting and technical skills, and public health organizations with the capacity to assess and respond to community health needs. This summary report was completed to better understand current weaknesses and challenges that are impacting the US public health system’s infrastructure and to identify opportunities for addressing these issues.” NEPHTC encoursages policy makers and the public health workforce to use this resource when considering state and local policies to strengthen the workforce. NNPHI-E2A-Kresge-Report-Web