Structural Racism – What Can We Do?

    Structural Racism – What Can We Do? We can speak.

    As people, leaders can speak.  We can each speak. NEPHTC appreciates the leaders of our institutions -Boston University School of Public Health and Boston University – who have spoken out against racism.  We appreciate that they speak, and then speak again, showing that sometimes we need to refine our words.  We admire the courage it takes to speak, to share, to receive feedback and then and to clarify.  Speaking and learning about racism will require us to develop these muscles. Speaking, and getting feedback, is a first step toward a better community for our black and brown neighbors, and for ourselves.  Please consider the following statements from our school and university leaders:

    Sandro Galea, Dean and Robert A. Knox Professor at Boston University School of Public Health:

    Race, Justice, and COVID-19

    When the World is on Fire

    2020: The Great American Trauma

    Dr. Robert A. Brown, President, Boston University

    Our Challenge in a Time of Crisis

    Following up on Monday’s Letter to the Community

    In a BUSPH community meeting, the new head of the Activist Lab, Craig Andrade, Associate Dean of Public Health Practice, said, “We can all learn to connect the dots between a knee to the neck to systems change.” Thank you Dean Andrade.  NEPHTC is working with its community based partners on systems change for public health for medically undeserved  – often black and brown – communities, .