Happy to Work Together: Collaboration Across the PHLN Increase Deliverable Quantity and Quality

NEPHTC is part of the Public Health Learning Network (the PHLN), a is a national network of federally-funded Regional Public Health Training Centers providing comprehensive, up-to-date learning resources for public health professionals.


One of the pleasures of being part of the Public Health Learning Network are the opportunities for collaboration. While there regular meetings to exchange best practices, and to develop nationwide data or content from the network, occasionally centers work directly together to bring a specific learning experience into reality. Here are 3 recent examples:

1. NEPHTC and Iowa develop self-paced messaging training
NEPHTC and the Midwestern Public Health Training Center (Region 7) PHTC based at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, just finished building a self-paced training together that is now hosted and co-branded on each PHTC’s learning management system. This training is based on content previously delivered in classroom, webinar and coaching modalities by NEPHTC and expert Michele Levy. The management and instructional design of the self paced training was done by Region 7’s Program Manager, Laurie Walkner and Instructional Designer, Nor Hashidah Abd-Hamid, worked with us to fulfill this role. Together the two centers shared the buget. That’s a great collaboration!










The training can be found here on NEPHTC’s LMS.


2. Emory helps NEPHTC find writing expert to develop writing and coaching for BPHC
Last year, Region 4 PHTC at Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health helped NEPHTC find expertise in public health writing and coaching to bring the writing into reality. They introduced us to Dr. Ariela Freedman, Maven Tree Consulting and public health evaluator. NEPHTC was able to build a blended classroom and coaching training for employees of Boston Public Health Commission.

See the registration page for that training here.

3. NNPHI adapts NEPHTC systems thinking training program for use at PHIT conference

In June, 2019, the National Network of Public Health Institutes NNPHI hosted the NEPHTC Systems Thinking training program in a national pre conference workshop for public health teams from across the country as part of their Public Health Improvement Training .    Their interview with systems thinking expert Julia Ross can be found here.  https://nnphi.org/systems-thinking-an-interview-with-julia-ross/

Their adaptation of NEPHTC work with Systems Thinking in New England exposed more public health teams from around the country to systems thinking and a coaching opportunity.  Some of the great work that came out of their training, which was further funded by other sources, can be found here.

Sharing experts, co-developing training and sharing costs are all ways that the PHLN can produce higher quality training through collaboration.  In addition to these types of sharing, the network regularly meets to share process improvement notes in marketing, delivery, student field placements, evaluation, and reporting.  Based in top research universities with access to the latest research, and connected to the front lines of public health through Community Based Training Partners, the PHTCs are doing a great job delivering training for the public health workforce providing comprehensive, up-to-date learning resources for public health professionals.