Webinar: Using Systems Thinking Tools and Coaching in Public Health – Stories From the Field

About this Webinar
The fast pace and pressures experienced in public health often demand short term and immediate actions without thoughtful consideration of the long-term effects. When people are able to look at situations from a bigger picture, systems view, it allows them to make higher quality decisions and minimizes unintended consequences. One of the most significant contributions to building this capacity is Systems Thinking.

Systems Thinking is a practical, results-oriented approach for better understanding the underlying causes of complex issues. This webinar will introduce systems thinking tools and present two recent examples of public health teams who have engaged with systems thinking tools and received coaching, with very positive results!

Example 1: one of of three teams coached from the Vermont Department of Health that focused on reducing the case processing backlog in their Cancer Registry Department
Example 2: one of five teams coached from NNPHI’s Strategic Scholars Program that focused on the challenges local health departments have in prioritizing and integrating behavioral health services

What you’ll learn
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define systems thinking
Explain the Iceberg Model and Ladder of Inference
Give an example of an improvement by a public health team using systems thinking coaching


Subject Matter Expert
image of Julia Ross
Julia Ross, Systems Thinking Consultant
Ross & Company, Inc.