7 New England Senators show support for Public Health Training Centers!

Last month,  73 members of the US House of Representative – 11 of them from New England – signed a Dear Colleague letter to support the Public Health Training Centers in the federal budget. This month 24 Senators showed their support for the same Public Health Training Center line item in the Senate appropriations bill. Seven of them were from New England!



Download a pdf of the full Senate Dear Colleague letter here.

Among them, from the top left moving right are Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, Jeanne Shaheen, Senator from New Hampshire, Chris Murphy, Senator from Connecticut, Ed Markey, Senator from Massachusetts, Maggie Hassan, Senator from New Hampshire, (bottom left moving right) Angus King Jr., Senator from Maine, Richard Blumenthal, Senator from Connecticut.


Like other Regional Public Health Training Centers, New England Public Health Training Center is a partnership of schools and programs of public health, related academic institutions, and public health agencies and organizations working to strengthen the technical, scientific, managerial, and leadership competencies of the current and future public health workforce to ensure that the region has the capacity to deliver high quality essential public health services over the long term.


Creating more support and advocacy around the benefits of training centers and their mission to provide the public with equipped public health professionals to support communities is crucial. NEPHTC thanks the  Senators listed above for their dedication to the Public Health Training mission.

Read the full signatory letter here: FY2020 HRSA Preventive Medicine Approps letter – SIGNED