Going Virtual: Converting Live Field Trainings to a Virtual Environment


NEPHTC’s talented Educational Technologist, Liam Hunt, is presenting a poster at SOPHE (Society for Public Health Education) Conference April, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.

Showcasing a virtual house that has replaced live field visits to a “fake” house for inspection, Liam is demonstrating how trainers, health departments and programs can develop virtual online environments that allow greater access, reduce travel time and cost, and allow more control over the instructional setting.

Liam is a skilled designer as well as media specialist.  He suggests that with the right teamwork and patience, any group can develop their own virtual tools, often using student technologists and designers.  The steps he suggest for good virtual learning tool development are:

  1. Identify a technical solution to a training/education need
  2. Establish a team
  3. Design training with input from subject matter expert
  4. Build application with student interns
  5. Test, test, test
  6. Launch the training.

Please enjoy Liam’s great poster!

Questions? Karla Todd, NEPHTC Program Manager, Training Specialist, toddks@bu.edu