Systems Thinking Training For Your Organization?

Systems  Thinking is one of the cross-cutting skills essential to the current and future public health workforce.

On April 11, 2018, Julia Ross of Ross & Company, will facilitate a one day live training for managers at the Vermont Department of Public Health in Burlington, VT.


“The fast pace of organizational life presses for short term and immediate actions without thoughtful consideration of the long-term effects.  When people are able to look at things from a bigger picture, systems view, it allows them to make higher quality decisions and minimizes unintended consequences. One of the most significant contributions to building this capacity is Systems Thinking.

The notion is simple, but profound, and often overlooked. For most complex problems, there are systems in the background which, when seen and understood, suggest leverage for getting the results we want. Systems Thinking provides leaders with powerful tools to help individuals and teams think critically and strategically together.”

Program Learning Objectives:

  • Develop skills for analyzing problems and identifying high-leverage interventions
  • Enhance your capacity to consider unintended consequences of actions
  • Learn to use system archetypes as a way to understand system performance and communicate about complex issues
  • See yourself as part of the system and how you may be implicated in the very challenges you face
  • Discover how thoughts, assumptions and beliefs (mental models) play a significant role in what you see and hear and how this affects the organizational systems you are a part of

Registration by invitation.

Julia Ross, Systems Thinking Expert

Julia Ross has been working in the field of systems thinking for over 25 years. The focus of her work is building the capacity of individuals, teams, and multi-stakeholder groups in using a systems thinking approach in dealing with complex issues and creating sustainable results. She strives to make systems thinking easy to understand, accessible and directly applicable to organizational life.  She has extensive experience training, coaching and consulting in public health and health care systems.

NEPHTC’s Systems Thinking Training is Designed for Replication by other Health Departments or Community Organizations

Offerings include:

  • One Day Live Training with Julia Ross, customized for Public Health and Community Health
  • Online Systems Thinking training will be released June 30, 2018.
  • Follow Up Coaching on the phone, with preparation and evaluation, for teams starting to use a Systems Thinking Approach

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If you are interested in learning how to implement Systems Thinking Training for your health department or organization, contact Karla Todd,