Video: The Harris County Health Equity Transformation Story

NEPHTC Advisory Committee, with membership from health departments across the region, met in November, 2017 to learn about another excellent health equity implementation model.  We were fortunate to hear from Jennifer Hadayia, who served for several years as the Harris County (Houston) Health Department Health Equity Coordinator.  (See other post on Jacques Colon, on Tacoma-Pearce’s Health Equity work, from May, 2017.)

 New England’s health departments have a wide variety of unique cultures and underserved communities.  Viewing this presentation can help communities and health departments consider multiple approaches toward Health Equity transformation.  

Jennifer Hadayia’s full presentation can be viewed here.

Highlights include:

  • 16:04 True Drivers of Health and Likelihood of Poor Health Outcomes/Civic Engagement Data Informing approach to HE (Economics, Education, Environment, Engagement)
  • 19:01 Why a Leadership Commitment and Integration of Health Equity into Overall Strategy is so important for moving beyond Health Equity Theory
  • 32:10 How Did Harris County Create Health Equity Champions
  • 32:40 Harris County’s Health Equity 101 Training Used for Onboarding
  • 45:50 Development of Health Equity Stories for each Health Equity Graduate/ Examples of Staff Staff Transformation
  • 50:00 How Health Equity allows “Retrofitting Practice” Example Zika Response (outside of health department)
  • 52:00 The Possibilities Health Departments Face in Working on Health Equity
    • Theory Continuum
    • Implementation Continuum
    • “There are many points of entry to start Health Equity Transformation”
    • 56:00 Classic Examples

Downloadable resources shared with our Advisory Committee:

HE Age Calculator

Harris County Health Equity Transformation Presentation

HE Procedures UPDATED 8-2-2017

Health Equity Policy

heq.2016 (final)

Resource List