Numerology Made Simple (Hisabi a Sauƙaƙe)

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Title Numerology Made Simple (Hisabi a Sauƙaƙe)
Author or Owner ‘Uba na Kachalla Kano
Subject Esoteric Sciences, Numerology, Astronomy, Days of the Week
Content While the word al-ḥisābi in Arabic refers to arithmetic and the science of mathematics, in Hausa it has taken on a broader meaning that includes the use of the alphanumeric system in astronomy and astrology, for determining auspicious times for planting, romance and other human activities, and for reckoning dates and times. The alphanumeric system is a method whereby specific numerical values are assigned to each of the 28 Arabic letters. For example, the numerical value of the letter alif is 1; the value of the letter baa is 2, and so on. These letters and numbers are also related to celestial objects and can offer insights on personality and future events. The text also contains tables and magical squares called hatimi in Hausa (from Khātim in Arabic), indicating astrological signs and propitious and non-propitious times for various activities. This is a highly esoteric manuscript and we encourage readers to offer any feedback/insights they may have.
Genre Prose
Language Hausa
Script Hausa Ajami
Manuscript condition 51 pages + title page and front and back covers. 18 x 24.5 cm. 

Lithographed copy. Vocalised.

Type Litograph
Publisher Oluseyi Press Ltd.  26 Niger Road, Kano
Provenance Kano, Nigeria
Source Reference ‘Uba na Kachalla Kano, “Hisabi a Sauƙaƙe” (nd). Courtesy of Northwestern University Libraries.
Access condition and copyright These materials are subject to copyright and are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 License, which permits non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. For use, distribution or reproduction beyond these terms, contact Professor Fallou Ngom (
Contributors Fallou Ngom, Jennifer J Yanco, Mustapha Hashim Kurfi, Garba Zakari, Babacar Dieng, Daivi Rodima-Taylor, Rebecca Shereikis, Alison Parker, Shawn Provencal, Mark Lewis, and Eric Schmidt.
Required citation information Fallou Ngom (PI), Jennifer Yanco, Mustapha Hashim Kurfi, Garba Zakari, Babacar Dieng, Daivi Rodima-Taylor, and Rebecca Shereikis. 2022. “Numerology Made Simple.”


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