The Health Informatics Lab (HILab) is part of the Health Informatics program at Department of Computer Science, Metropolitan College, Boston University. The HILab is committed to excellence in research and education in health informatics and biomedicine. We are located at the Charles River campus.

Health informatics is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of computer science, informatics, and biomedicine. The HILab brings together computer scientists, biologiests, clinical scientists to work together on human health through advanced uses of information technologies. The HILab simultaneously supports education and research in Health Informatics by engaging the faculty and students in the research projects and by provision of educational and research resources.

The HILab contributes to the improvement of healthcare by pursuing research and development in health informatics, bioinformatics, and clinical research. Our work involves standardization and cataloging of medical algorithms, development of classification algorithms for bioinformatics, and implementation of knowledge-based systems for biomedicine.

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