Project objectives

The GLanCE product will be a 30-meter spatial resolution data record providing high quality representation of current and past global land cover, land use and land cover change at annual time steps from 2001-2019. The project has three main elements:

  1. Development of a global database of high-quality training and validation data that will be used to estimate classification models and quantify the accuracy of mapped products.
  2. Implementation of mature methods for mapping land cover and change at global scale using Landsat data. These methods produce globally consistent and locally relevant maps of land cover, land use, and land cover change, along with complementary information characterizing changes and trends in ecosystem properties, health, and condition at each Landsat pixel.
  3. Distribution of science data sets at multiple spatial resolutions, including robust characterization of error and uncertainty, that support the broad and deep user community who require information related to land cover, land use, and land cover change at local-to-global scales.