Boston University Team


Mark Friedl, Principal Investigator ( 



Pontus Olofsson, Co-Investigator (



Curtis Woodcock, Co-Investigator (




Research Fellows

Research Fellows responsibilities focus on a variety of research tasks in support of this project including coordinating the team responsible for collection of training and reference data, general support for project research and administration, and strategic research tasks. In addition, Fellows also work with team members as well as local and international collaborators to assist with project goals.
Kristina McAvoy (



Sophia Stonebrook (




Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers are responsible for parameterizing and applying the CCDC algorithm to time series of Landsat data for creation of global maps of land cover, land use and land change. They oversee the collection and curation of training data, they develop machine learning models for classification, and they manage the delivery of the dataset to the USGS DAAC and GEE catalog.
Paulo Arevalo (



Radost Stanimirova (




PhD students

Yingtong Zhang (



Kai-Ting Hu (



Katelyn Tarrio (




Project Alumni

Valerie Pasquarella (
Chris Holden (
Konrad Turlej (
Eric Bullock (
Madison Berman (


Research assistants

Research assistants are responsible for collecting training and validation data and researching land cover and land use information. Over the course of the project there have been several undergraduate and graduate students who have supported this role in the project.