Romano Endrighi, PhD, MSc
Primary Mentor: Belinda Borrelli
Behavioral Science Research, Health Policy & Health Svs, Research, GSDM

Brenda Heaton, PhD, MPH
Primary Mentor: Raul Garcia (GSDM) 
Co-Mentor: Belinda Borrelli
Health Policy & Health Svs, Research, GSDM

Deepak Kumar, PT, PhD, OCS
Primary Mentor: Tuhina Neogi, BUSM
Co-Mentor: Belinda Borrelli
Dept. of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, Sargent College & BUSM

Jacqueline You
Primary Mentor: Andrei Lapets (Hariri/SAIL)
BUSM/Hariri Institute

Alaa Qari, BDS
Primary Mentor: Woosung Sohn (GSDM)
Co-Mentor: Belinda Borrelli
Doctor of Public Health Program, GSDM