Mobile and Electronic Health ARC 4th Annual Symposium Press Release

The Mobile and Electronic Health ARC’s 4th Annual Symposium was held on Thursday, November 12th, 2020 virtually via Zoom!

Opening remarks were given by Dr. Belinda Borrelli, our Director, and BU Professor; Dr. Katya Ravid, a Professor and Founding Director of the Evans Center at BU; Dr. David Coleman, a BU Professor and Chairman in the School of Medicine; and Dr. Gloria Waters, VP and Associate Provost for Research, and BU Professor.

The symposium consisted of two presentations and an industry panel that covered topics relevant to mobile and electronic health.

Our first presenter was Dr. Susan Murphy, Professor of Statistics and Computer Science at Harvard Univerity. Her presentation was entitled “Challenges in Developing Online Learning Algorithms to Dynamically Personalize Mobile Health Interventions”.

Our second presenter was Dr. David Mohr, Professor in the Department of Preventative Medicine, and Director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) at Northwestern University. His presentation was entitled “Making Digital Mental Health Work in the Real World“.

See Dr. Murphy and Dr. Mohr’s presentations by clicking on the links above.

Lastly, the Industry Panel focused on “Building and Maintaining Academic-Industry Partnerships”. On the panel was Scott Werntz, CEO of Agile Health; Dr. Alexander Bendayan, Clinical Associate Professor, Ad Interim Chair, and Associate Dean, at Boston University; Dustin DiTommaso, SVP of Mad*Pow; and Dr. Olga Elizarova, Founder of Play Collaborate Change, and the Research Applied newsletter.