The Mobile & Electronic Health ARC (ME-ARC) November Seminar

The Mobile and Electronic Health ARC looks forward to having Dr. Tim Plante present on some of his research at the November 6th seminar.


Validation of the Instant Blood Pressure App 

 Presenter: Tim Plante, MD, MHS

Assistant Professor at the Department of Medicine, UVM

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018


Evans 118

72 East Concord Street

Boston, Massachusetts 02118

ME-ARC PI & Director: Belinda Borrelli, PhD., Professor and Director of the Center for Behavioral Science Research, GSDM

ME-ARC Co-Directors: Lisa Quintiliani, PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, and Tibor Palfai, PhD., Professor of Psychology, BU Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences